Cox, Bradley E. and Nachman, Brett Ranon and Thompson, Kerry and Dawson, Steven and Edelstein, Jeffrey A. and Breeden, Chase
The Review of Higher Education, 43(4): 935—966, 2020
Publication year: 2020

A large and growing population of students with autism is increasingly pursuing higher education. Yet, the field has a remarkably small literature base from which to glean actionable insights that might enhance postsecondary success for this population. Our examination of 13,000 items published in sixteen journals over a sixteen-year period revealed only 21 articles on the topic; none were published in mainstream higher education journals. Our explication of this literature maps the contours of the emerging body of literature on college students with autism, uncovers problematic patterns within that literature, identifies important questions that remain unanswered, and provides explicit guidance for future research on the topic.